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Policy letters at USAG Ansbach

The table below contains all current USAG Ansbach policy letters. To read or print the letters, select the link provided by the name or number. A short description accompanies each policy letter hyperlink.

Garrison policy letters



Commander's open door

This policy allows members of the USAG Ansbach command to present facts, concerns, problems of a personal or professional nature, or other issues, which the Soldier or civilian employee has been unable to resolve through their chain of command to the garrison commander.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

USAG Ansbach is firmly committed to using alternative methods for resolving disputes in all of its operations, where appropriate and feasible. Used properly in appropriate circumstances, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can provide faster, less expensive and more productive results in eliminating discrimination as well as general workplace disputes.


Equal Employment Opportunity

This policy is to hold all employees accountable for keeping our workplace free from prejudice and unlawful discrimination. Retaliation against an employee who engages in the EEO process will not be tolerated.


Harassment (EEO)

The USAG Ansbach commander is fully committed to preventing and eliminating workplace harassment based upon race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, reprisal or other impermissible bases. It is the workforce's duty to provide and maintain an environment of trust and respect for human dignity. Any workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, will not be tolerated.


Complaint filing procedures (EEO)

Contact with the Equal Employment Opportunity office must occur within 45 calendar days of the date of the alleged discriminatory act or event; within 45 calendar days from the effective date of a personnel action; or within 45 calendar days from the time you became aware of the alleged discriminatory action or event.


Reasonable Accommodation Advisory Team

USAG Ansbach is responsible for implementing and maintaining a reasonable accommodation advisory team to:

  • Establish procedures that will supprt the prompt, fair, and efficient processing of requests for accommodations of disabilities,
  • Increase awareness of the responsibility to provide for the expansion of opportunities for individuals with disabilities, and
  • Ensure that civilian and military managers and supervisors comply with the provisions of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.


Domestic violence and child abuse

USAG Ansbach is available to help identify programs and services to prevent abuse. Services include referrals to counseling services, victim advocacy, and a wide variety of family life educational programs.


Sexual Harassment / Assault Response and Prevention

Military and civilian leaders at every level are responsible for preventing sexual harassment and sexual assault and taking appropriate corrective action if they occur.


Installation access

Installation access control measures are in place to not only combat the threat of terrorism but to ensure the safety and security of those who live and work in our communities.


Noise pollution

Noise pollution, as applied to this policy, refers to sound made by individuals, pets, radios, cassette / CD players, vehicles, or any other device that can produce excessive noise.


Safety and Occupational Health

Safety and occupational health is a duty and responsibility of every member of the garrison, regardless of position. Accidents are preventable and have the adverse effect to reduce mission readiness and lower the quality of life in the workplace.


Adequate private rental housing

The garrison Housing Services Office will refer military and civilian personnel only to homes within their Overseas Housing Allowance rate.


Soldiers' barracks living standards

Soldiers deserve a clean, wholesome, healthy, and safe environment that fosters the Army values. Soldiers should have privacy and comfort as well as predictable living standards, regardless of the installation of assignment.


Pet- and smoke-free government quarters

This policy establishes pet- and smoke-free government quarters for those Soldiers and family members with medically documented cases of pet and cigarette smoke allergies.


Alcohol and smoking prohibition

USAG Ansbach maintains an alcohol- and nicotine-free work environment. Use of alcohol and / or smoking creates serious health and safety risks in the workplace.


Confiscation of license plates for expired privately owned vehicle registrations

This policy clarifies procedures for the confiscation of permanent license plates from privately owned vehicles that have not been re-registered within the time limits sset forth through regulation.


Control and disposition of unregistered, unclaimed, abandoned, and non-operational privately owned vehicles

This letter prescribes policy, procedures, and responsibilities for control and disposition of privately owned vehicles that are unregistered, unclaimed, abandoned, or non-operational in the USAG Ansbach area of responsibility, and establishes guidelines for unit commanders.


Patron dress for on-post fitness centers

Fitness centers are designed for exercise and recreation, and appropriate exercise clothing will be worn to participate in programs and activities. Casual slacks, jeans and non-athletic shorts are considered non-exercise attire and shall not be worn.


Family member use of physical fitness centers

Children younger than the age of 13 will not be allowed entrance to the fitness centers unless they are under direct and constant supervision of their parent or adult guardian. Unsupervised children present a severe hazard to both themselves and other users of the fitness center.


Delegation of Fundraising Approval Authority

The director of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation is designated the USAG Ansbach fundraising approval official for unit funds, private organizations and family readiness groups.


Appointment of Installation Safety, Occupational Health and Explosives Manager

Safety and Occupational Health is a duty and responsibility of all USAG Military and Civilian personnel. USAG Ansbach is committed to ensuring safe business practices for all Soldiers, civilians, families and host nation employees.


Courtesy Patrol

The use of unarmed courtesy patrols will provide a visible, official presence in the entertainment districts near our installations and will assist unit commanders in ensuring their military service members frequenting establishments in these areas adhere to service standards for conduct and appearance.


Wall of Heroes Memorial

The "Wall of Heroes" is located in the lobby area of the Army and Air Force Post Exchange, inside Urlas Community at USAG Ansbach. The garrison commander's intention is to memorialize Soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country while assigned to USAG Ansbach, on or after 11 September 2001, during combat or combat training operations.


Automated Time, Attendance and Production System (ATAAPS) procedures

All appropriated funds employees report their time through the ATAAPS web page: Entries in ATAAPS must be made by the employee by Wednesday evening before the pay period ends.


Civilian overtime, compensatory time, and compensatory time for travel procedures

The sole approval authority for overtime, compensatory time, and compensatory time for travel is the deputy to the garrison commander and the garrison commander of USAG Ansbach.


Assignment of government-controlled housing

The objective of family housing is to provide adequate government-controlled quarters for all eligible personnel who are permanently assigned to the USAG Ansbach communities in a timely and efficient manner.


Recycling and solid waste disposal

Recycling is the law in Germany. Everyone must abide by the host nation laws. Host nation ordinance requires separation of trash where generated (for example, at the home or workplace). This applies to everyone, including U.S. agencies.


Safety and community event risk management

Hazards must be identified for each operation, activity, project and event, and a written risk assessment must be completed, reviewed, and approved at the appropriate risk decision authority.


Wear of uniform off post

The wear of military uniforms, including physical fitness and Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps uniforms, when off U.S. or host nation installations is prohibited. Military uniform wear is authorized for direct vehicle travel among domicile and U.S. or host nation installations only while traveling via an enclosed private, government, or rental vehicle.


Suicide prevention

All leaders will create a command climate that emphasizes and encourages help-seeking behavior. All Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians will receive suicide awareness and prevention training focusing on the identification of danger signs and what lifesaving actions should be taken.


Water recreational areas for the Ansbach area

Unless otherwise noted, all public pools, indoor and outdoor, are authorized swimming areas.


Garrison media engagement

The Public Affairs Office is the sole focal point for dealing with media, both internal (AFN Bavaria) and external (Stars and Stripes, civilian news media outlets).


Equal Opportunity complaint procedures

USAREUR policy for reporting and investigating Equal Opportunity compliants.


Respect for all persons

USAREUR policy on bullying, hazing and other behavior that undermines dignity and respect towards individuals.


Equal Opportunity (AE Cmd Memo 2018)

USAREUR policy in re. Equal Opportunity and the fair treatment of all personnel.


Equal Opportunity complaint procedures

USAREUR policy for reporting and investigating Equal Opportunity compliants.


Physical Fitness Standards

Physical training hours, uniform wear, headphone use, off-post activities, cadence, safety, and foot traffic rules are outlined in this policy.


Food Safety

Policy on food safety, food sanitation.


Drone, UAS and RC use.

Policy on private operation of Remote Controlled (RC) and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).


Photography on post

Policy and regulations regarding photography - including cell phone photography - on post.

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