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Recycling in USAG Ansbach

USAG Ansbach

This web page is dedicated to providing information about recycling here in Germany and USAG Ansbach.

Recycling is one of the best (and cheapest) ways for you to have a positive impact on your community. Recycling is important to both the environment and ourselves.

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Recycling helps reduce the pollution caused by waste. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials so forests and natural resources can be preserved. Recycling reduces the cost of trash disposal and the money saved is reallocated for area beautification and improvement projects.

Please read the publications on this web page to answer any questions you have about recycling and where to take your recyclable materials.

Recycling and Waste Disposal Guidance

Recycling Pick-Up Schedule, Guidance and Alternate Locations
Separate or Recycle Trash (SORT) Recycling Guide
USAG Ansbach Housing Area Waste Pick-up Schedule 2018
One-page SORT Recycling Guide for handy reference
City of Ansbach Yellow Bag (Gelbe Sack) and how to use it
Bio Waste Information for Housing
Storck Barracks and Katterbach Recycling Center Hours of Operation
Ansbach County Recycling Center Locations and Hours of Operation
City of Ansbach Recycling Center Locations and Hours of Operation
Bad Windsheim Recycling Center Locations and Hours of Operation
Grease and Oil from Food
Military Clothing
Used Clothes and Shoes
Disposal Guidance for Non-Recyclables
Household Hazardous Waste
Military Deployment Guidance
Deployment Assistance Flyer
Before Military Deployment Recycling Info

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