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Personal Property Processing at USAG Ansbach

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Welcome to the Personal Property Processing Office at U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach. The PPPO provides counseling and assistance to Department of Defense military and civilian personnel moving in and out of the USAG Ansbach area of responsibility. PPPO staff makes every effort to ensure you are informed about your entitlements and your personal property shipment is handled professionally with all the courtesy you deserve.

On this page you will find information about inbound and outbound shipments. If you have any questions or need further guidance, contact the PPPO at the information here:

Inbound shipments

When a shipment arrives at the destination location, the Transportation Service Provider, or TSP, coordinates delivery directly with the member/employee. It is strongly suggested that you log on to the Defense Personal Property System (here or in “Related Links” on this page) to update your contact information and delivery address. This will help ensure a quick delivery by checking the email listed in the system periodically when the estimated date of arrival is near. You will be contacted either by phone or email and have a three-hour window to accept the delivery date offered. Otherwise a different date will be arranged.

To schedule a delivery, you must have a complete delivery address, which may include a building number, apartment number, street address and zip code. Deliveries happen Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and exclude U.S. and Germany holidays. Specific delivery times cannot be scheduled. Property owners or their designated agent must be at the residence during those hours on the day of delivery. Members should not schedule a delivery on the date they are to receive the key to their residence.

Shipment tracing

Unfortunately, some personal property shipments may not arrive by the required delivery date, which you can find on Block 8 of the bill of lading. The Transportation Service Provider of record or the transportation service provider identified on the bill of lading (Block 1) will trace shipments upon customer or government request. The transportation service provider must provide a response within 24 hours on domestic and international shipments. Tracing requests will contain the bill of lading number. For tracer actions requested on a weekend or holiday, the 24 hours will begin the next business day.

Customers may be entitled to file an inconvenience claim with the TSP for a shipment not delivered by the required delivery date. You may elect to either trace your shipment directly with the transportation service provider or through your transportation office.

It is essential that you trace the shipment with the proper transportation service provider. Your request should be submitted to the transportation service provider whose name is located on Block 1 of the bill of lading. If you are unable to locate the name, then use the Standard Carrier Alpha Code, located in Block 2. When corresponding with the transportation service provider, always provide the transportation service provider with your full name, bill of lading number, and the origin and destination of the shipment.

Temporary storage, storage in transit

If authorized, temporary storage may be used in lieu of delivery. Members may be entitled to 90 days of temporary storage for any property placed into storage in transit. If household goods are not removed from storage before expiration of the first 90-day period, storage charges accruing thereafter are the member's responsibility unless additional storage is authorized or approved. A second 90-day period may be granted upon receipt of a written justification. Circumstances may warrant an extension of this entitlement.

A statement from the member, containing all of the facts, must accompany requests for authorization or approval of such additional storage. Please note, if you're a civilian employee you'll also need to attach an amended copy of your orders with the authorization to extend storage beyond 90 days. Extension requests must be received prior to the current expiration date.

Outbound shipments

As soon as you receive your orders to permanently change stations from USAG Ansbach, visit our offices. We can discuss with you your current entitlements, property you have, and ways to ship your property to your desired location. This will take a little time and effort on your part. We will assist you in every way we can.

You will need the following:

  • One copy of your orders with amendments (if applicable)
  • Idea of times you wish to ship your property
  • Idea of the items you have in your home, including in your garage and storage areas
  • Physical address from which we will pick up your shipment.

If there additional circumstance that you may have (for example, dependents at another location or non-temporary storage) mention this to the counselors when you talk with them. If we have all information about your situation we can better assist you in setting up the best possible way to ship your property to your new destination.

Vehicle processing

The Vehicle Processing Center, or VPC, is located next to Vehicle Registration at Barton Barracks. When you see our counselors, they will give you the authorization to ship your personally owned vehicle to the closest destination to your next location. Shipping your vehicle may require prior coordination. The VPC website is, which you can link to here or in the "Related Links" section on this page. The site hosts a wealth of information for shipping your vehicle. Their contact information for the Barton Barracks faciility available at their listing in the USAG Ansach directory or in the "Related links" section on this page.

Useful documents

Document nameDocument description

Alcohol in household goods – instructions

This document provides information on shipping alcohol as part of household goods, especially concerning looking up state and local taxes and duties, about clearing it through the Customs and Border Protection, on clarifying shipment of alcohol with your carrier, on filling out an alcohol inventory, and more.

Alcohol inventory worksheet

The pdf worksheet here can be filled out and tallied electronically. For all alcohol, input the name, type and color, year, size, alcohol percentage (proof divided by two), cost per unit, number of units, total cost, and country of origin.

Avoiding excess cost when shipping personal property – tips

This document provides advice on avoiding excess cost when shipping personal property. The advice includes the following: disposing of unwanted items; claiming professional books, papers, and equipment; requesting a reweigh; avoiding excess unaccompanied baggage; minimizing storage-in-transit; learning about weight-restricted areas; avoiding excessive packing; and more.

Frequently asked questions

Questions customers frequently ask the Personal Property Processing Office includes what the difference is between non-temporary and temporary storage, what to do if incorrectly charged, what to do if there is a problem with the movers, whether to provide hospitality in the form of food or beverage to the movers, whether it is important to fill out the survey at the end of the move, and more.

Non-temporary storage information

This document describes non-temporary storage: its common use, its time limitations for service members and civilians, its application to weight restrictions, and more.

Professional Books, Papers, and Equipment – information

This document gives definitions and references on whether you can claim certain items in your shipment as professional books, papers, and equipment.

Shipper's Personal Property Certification

This form, which comes from the Defense Transportation Regulation, outlines what is strictly prohibited to ship and what is conditionally restricted (and under what conditions certain restricted items may be shipped).

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