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Welcome to USAG Ansbach and the Franconia Military Community.

Below is a brief description of what your arrival should entail and those offices that you will be directly involved with. Whether you're moving here with family members, moving here with pets, arriving unaccompanied, or have been here before, it's important to us that your move is safe and free of stress. We have also provided other links and information to assist you in a seamless and fluid transition. From the USAG Ansbach Command team, Welcome!

USAG Ansbach

All Soldiers moving to Germany will fly into Ramstein Air Base. Please note: Before bringing or shipping a pet, it is important unaccompanied Soldiers coordinate with their gaining commands. If you are shipping a pet into Germany you will be charged a fee. Please see "Pet Fee Starting February 1, 2013". To learn more about bringing pets, visit Ramstein Air Base's fact sheet here.

After arrival all personnel will then process through Immigration, Customs, and collect their bags. Passengers will then move to the reception processing area and prepare for transportation to their respective units. The bus ride from Ramstein Air Base to Ansbach is approximately four hours.

The Central Processing Facility will be notified and designated personnel will be waiting for Soldiers and Family members' arrival.

Unit sponsors are authorized to pick up arriving Soldiers and Family members at Ramstein Air Base with their Commanders approval. Prior to release, Sponsors are required to sign a statement confirming they will drop off new Soldier at the gaining units Central Processing Facility immediately upon arrival.

Visit the Ramstein Air Base webpage at: Ramstein AB Passenger Terminal or call them at:
Commercial: 06731-464440, DSN: 314-479-4440, if calling from the US: 011-49-6371-464440

Upon arrival to Ansbach you will be greeted at the Central Processing Facility (CPF) / Welcome Center on Katterbach Kaserne by a member of the staff from the CPF. The CPF and the In-processing Training Center (ITC) are responsible for In / Out Processing all permanent party Soldiers to and from the Ansbach Community. After a short orientation, you will be released to your unit. Arrival day is referred to as A-Day or Day 0.

Central Processing Facility

Katterbach Kaserne
Commercial: 09802-83-3298 /3299 /3300 | DSN: 467-3298 /3299 /3300
If calling from the US: 011-49-9802-83-3298 /3299 /3300
Fax- Commercial: 09802-83-3308
If faxing from the US: 011-49-9802-83-3308
Hours: M-F 0730-1630, Closed US holidays

In and Out-processing Information

Here you will find checklists, documents, and information on In-processing and Out-processing USAG Ansbach for both Soldiers and Civilian employees.

⇓ In-processing ⇓ (click to expand)

Military PCS Checklist
Civilian PCS Checklist
On Post In-processing Checklist
Off Post In-processing Checklist
House Hunting Off Post
Shipping your pet to Germany, information from Ramstein Air Base
ACS Sponsorship Guide
Sponsorship Checklist
Vehicle Registration checklists for: Registering (initial/renewal/temporary), Purchasing
Selling, Agent Owner (Power of Attorney), Transfer, Shipping and Junking
Registering a vehicle from a previous European duty station
Reservist Vehicle Registration
Local Town Distances
Ansbach Housing Guide
Military OneSource - Moving
For more information on living in our community and what our housing is like visit our
Hometown Living or Our Mission & History webpage
U.S. Customs, find out what you can and cannot import to Germany
German import restrictions
Restricted Dog Breeds in Germany
Pet Fees explained when shipping your Pet to Germany

⇓ Out-processing ⇓ (click to expand)

Military PCS Checklist
Civilian PCS Checklist
On Post Out-processing Checklist
CPF Out-processing Handout
Off Post Out-processing Checklist
Vehicle Registration checklists for: Registering (initial/renewal/temporary), Purchasing, Selling, Agent Owner (Power of Attorney), Transfer, Shipping and Junking
Shipping Wine and Alcohol
Shipping Food and Plants
Shipping Firearms
ACS Sponsorship Guide
Sponsorship Checklist
Military OneSource - Moving
U.S. Customs, find out what you can and cannot import to the U.S.
Shipping your pet back to the U.S. or out of Germany? Here is some helpful information.

When you arrive at the CPF a unit sponsor will be there to greet you and pick you up. Sponsors and Housing will make lodging arrangements for those Soldiers who are authorized concurrent travel and have dependents with them. Lodging will be booked at the Ansbach Army Lodge, Brainard Hall on Urlas Kaserne (a short 5 minute drive from the CPF). If there are no rooms available at Ansbach Army Lodge, Brainard Hall a local hotel will be used and a statement of non-availability will be issued. Single E-1 through E-6 or who are not authorized concurrent travel will be housed through their gaining unit.

The following duty day after your arrival (A+1 or Day 1) Soldiers will report in military uniform to the CPF. To ease the process and shorten the time it takes to in process, please bring with you: 15 copies of Assignment orders with all amendments, DA Form 31, your Military Personnel Records, Finance Files and all travel receipts (to include plane tickets), If on Deferred Travel DA 5888, and if you have shipped a POV DD Form 788. On A+1 you will complete: Unit in processing and leave form sign in, obtain a mailing address at the Community Mail Room (CMR), In process Family Housing/Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH), Installation Access Control, DoDDS Schools and Child and Youth Services Registration if necessary.

On A+2 the Soldier along with his or her Spouse they will receive the in processing schedule along with an in processing checklist and Soldier readiness file. Later that day they will also receive briefings from Military Personnel Division, Army Community Service, Dental Facility, Medical Facility, and Finance.

During the next 12 days the Soldier will attend in processing classes. All Spouses are encouraged to accompany their Soldier to any portion of the training.

For more information on living in our community and what our housing is like, visit our Hometown Living webpage

In-Out processing and commonly used offices

Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Offices and Stores

Post Exchange (PX) Customer ServiceFood Court Main Office
Urlas KaserneUrlas Kaserne in PX Mall
Commercial: 09802-958-1627 /1628Commercial: 09802-958-1658
Hours: M-Sa 1000-2000, Su 1000-1800Hours: M-Sa 1030-2000, Su 1100-1800
Open on German, US, and Training Holidays
For Urlas Kaserne Main Exchange website click here»
For 24 hour shopping at the Exchange Online click here»
Military Clothing and Sales Store (MCSS)Auto Parts Store/Care Care Center/Gas Station
Urlas KaserneBismarck Kaserne
Commercial: 09802-958-1663Commercial: 09802-953-868 or 09802-83-3305
Hours: Tu-Sa 1000-1900, Sa-Su ClosedHours: M-F 0730-1800, Sa 0800-1600, Su Closed
Shoppette ExpressShoppette Express and Gas Station
Katterbach KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-958432Commercial: 09841-683123 | DSN:467-4426
Hours: M-Th 0700-2100, Sa 0900-2200,
Su 0900-1900
Hours: M-F 0700-2100, Sa 0900-2100,
Su 1100-1800
Both Shoppettes are open on German, US, and Training Holidays
Gas Station (Kiosk) on Urlas Kaserne
Urlas Kaserne
Commercial: 09802-958-1655
Hours: M-F 0600-2000, Sa 0800-2000, Su 0800-1800
Open on German, US, and Training Holidays

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American Red Cross

Ansbach OfficeStorck Barracks Office
Katterbach KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-83-2136 | DSN: 467-2136 or 467-1760Commercial: 09841-83-4483 | DSN: 467-4483
Fax-Commercial: 09802-83-2135 | DSN: 467-2135There is no Fax at Storck Barracks ARC
Hours: M-F 0800-1630Hours: Tu & F 0800-1630
After Hours- Commercial: 07031-15-2334
DSN: 467-1760 or 431-2334
After Hours- Commercial: 07031-15-2334
DSN: 467-1760 or 431-2334
24 Hour non-toll free US number: 001-877-272-733724 Hour DSN US number: 877-272-7337
The American Red Cross Ansbach - Facebook pageDealing with an Emergency & Family Contact Form

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Army Commuinty Service (ACS) an office of MWR

Katterbach KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-83-2883 /2846
DSN: 467-2883 /2846
Commercial: 09841-83-4555 /4764 | DSN: 467-4555 /4764
Hours: M-Th 0800-1700, F 1100-1700Hours: M-Th 0800-1700, F 1130-1700
Email ACS: USAG Ansbach ACS
Contact ACS for the following programs: Army Emergency Relief (AER), Army Family Action Plan (AFAP), Army Family Team Building (AFTB)
Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator (AVCC), Deployment and Mobilization,
Employment Readiness/Information/Referral, Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
Family Advocacy Program (FAP), Financial Readiness, New Parent Program
Relocation Readiness Program, Soldier and Family Assistance Center.
USAG Ansbach ACS website (managed by MWR)Army Community Service website

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Claims Assistance (Managed by the Judge Advocate General)

Katterbach KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-83-2104 /3961 | DSN: 467-2104 /3961Commercial: 09841-83-4576 | DSN: 467-4576
Hours: M-F 0800-1630Hours: M-F 0800-1630
For more information visit the Legal Assistance webpage: USAG Ansbach Legal Assistance
For more information on the US Army Claims Service please visit:

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Community Mail Rooms (CMR)

Katterbach Kaserne CMRBarton Barracks CMR
CMR 454 APO AE 09250CMR 463 APO AE 09177
Commercial: 09802-83-2818 | DSN: 467-2818Commercial: 0981-183-7664 | DSN: 468-7664
Hours: M-F 1000-1800Hours: M-F 1200-1400, 1500-1800
Shipton Kaserne CMRStorck Barracks Postal Service Center (PSC)
CMR 417 APO AE 09075CMR 416 APO AE 09140
Commercial: 09802-83-2467
DSN: 467-2467
Commercial: 09841-83-4592 /4706
DSN: 467-4592 /4706
Hours: M-F 1000-1800Hours: M-Th 1000-1800, F 1100-1800
All CMR's are closed Sa, Sun & US Holidays. There are four different CMR's in USAG Ansbach: Katterbach Kaserne, Storck Barracks, Shipton Kaserne, and Barton Barracks. The CMR and United States Postal Service (USPS) Office on Storck Barracks is combined and considered a Postal Service Center. On Katterbach Kaserne the CMR and USPS Office are separate. There is no USPS Office on Shipton Kaserne or Barton Barracks.

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Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA)

Urlas KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-83-7070
DSN: 467-7070
Commercial: 09841-83-4717 /4517
DSN: 467-4717 /4517
Hours: M Closed, Tu-F 1100-1900, Sa-Su 1000-1800Hours: M-Tu 1100-1900, W Closed, Th-F 1100-1900, Sa 1000-1800, Su Closed
Visit the DeCA website at

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Dining Facilities

Katterbach KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-83-2179 /2579 | DSN: 467-2179 /2579Commercial: 09841-83-4495 | DSN: 467-4495
Breakfast Hours: M-F 0645-0830Breakfast Hours: M-F 0715-0900
Lunch Hours: M-F 1130-1300Lunch Hours: M-F 1130-1300
Dinner Hours: M-F 1630-1800Dinner Hours: M-F 1700-1830
Weekends, Training & US Holiday HoursWeekends & Holidays 1000-1500
Brunch Hours: 1030-1300
Dinner Hours: 1500-1630
Family Night Meals: Dinner 1700-1830

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Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Help and Work Orders Desk

DPW OfficeTelephone Number
Emergency Work OrdersCommercial: 09802-83-2115 | DSN: 467-2115
Work Orders AnsbachCommercial: 09802-83-2133 /2125 | DSN: 467-2133 /2125
Work Orders StorckCommercial: 09841-83-4622 /4722 | DSN: 467-4622 /4722
Repairs- Ansbach Off Post HousingCommercial: 09802-83-2480 | DSN: 467-2480
Repairs- Storck Barracks Off Post HousingCommercial: 09841-83-4523 | DSN: 467-4523
Appliance RepairsCommercial: 09802-83-3410 /3411 /3412 | DSN: 467-3410 /3411 /3412
Buildings & Grounds AnsbachCommercial: 09802-83-3438 /3370 | DSN: 467-3438 /3370
Buildings & Grounds Storck BarracksCommercial: 09841-83-4722 /4622 | DSN: 467-4722 /4622
Environmental Office (Recycling & Hazardous waste)See Environmental Webpage
Utilities (On post water/light/heat)Commercial: 09802-83-2375 /3406 | DSN: 467-2375 /3406
HousingSee Housing Webpage
RecyclingSee Recycling Webpage
Self Help Issue Point (SHIP) AnsbachCommercial: 09802-83-2149 | DSN: 467-2149
Self Help Issue Point (SHIP) Storck BarracksCommercial: 09841-83-4666 | DSN: 467-4666
If you are not in a hurry to get something fixed send the work order desk an email here
After Hours Emergency Work Orders
Commercial: 09802-83-2115 | DSN: 467-2115
Hours: 1600-0730 daily

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Drivers Licensing & Testing (Managed by 405th AFSB)

Katterbach Kaserne
Commercial: 09802-83-3700 /3701 /3702 | DSN: 467-3700 /3701 /3702
Hours: M 0730-1530, T 0730-1530 (except if Motorcycle testing is scheduled), W Th 1300-1530, Closed mornings for orientation and testing
F 1300-1530, Closed in morning for training.
On Friday Drivers Licensing will be at Storck Barracks. From 0730-1200 will be Orientation and Testing and from 1300-1500 normal business.
Useful Resources on Driving in Europe
Drivers Handbook and Examination Manual for Germany (PDF)
Drivers Handbook and Examination Manual for Germany (Flip Book)
Driving in Europe Videos
European Road Signs Pocket Pamphlet
USAREUR Driving Safety Training
European Commission on Road Safety and Road Traffic Rules for Germany
Winter Driving Training Presentation (English)
Winter Driving Training Presentation (Deutsch)
Practice USAREUR Driving Test.
The Practice USAREUR Driving Test is NOT a Department of Defense, USAREUR, or IMCOM-Europe Sponsored Website. It is a helpful tool to practice for the actual test but you do so at your own risk. Please see our Privacy & Security Disclaimers
To drive a vehicle while stationed in Germany you should have a valid U.S. drivers license and a valid U.S. Forces certificate of license (USAREUR Drivers License). This means that neither should be expired. If one or the other is expired you may be considered as operating a vehicle without a license. Please read this article for more information. Operating privately owned vehicles with expired U.S. stateside licenses in Germany
Have an expired drivers license? Find your states Department of Motor Vehicles here: Stateside Department of Motor Vehicles Information

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Education Centers & Universities

Katterbach KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-83-2817
DSN: 467-2817
Commercial: 09841-83-4750
DSN: 467-4750
Hours: M-F 0800-1630Hours: M-F 0800-1630
Military Transition Education Counselor- Commercial: 09802-83-2493 | DSN: 467-2493
Online Academic Skills Course (OASC)
College Placement Skills Training (CPST)
Ansbach Education Center Facebook page
University of Maryland University College- Europe
KatterbachStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-83-2847
DSN: 467-2847
Commercial: 09841-83-4991
DSN: 467-4991
Email: UMUC-E KatterbachEmail: UMUC-E Storck Barracks
UMUC National Testing Center- Commercial: 09802-83-3816 | DSN: 467-3816
Unversity of Maryland University College- Europe Website
Central Texas College (CTC)
Commercial: 09802-83-2377 | DSN: 467-2377 | Email CTC | CTC Website
University of Oklahoma (OU)
Commercial: 09802-83-3325 | DSN: 467-3325 | Email OU | OU Website
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide (ERAU)
Commercial: 09802-83-2379 | DSN: 467-2379 | Email ERAU | ERAU Website

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Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Civilians Only

Barton Kaserne
Commercial: 0981-183-7733 | DSN: 468-7733
Hours: M-F 0800-1600 Closed US holidays
EEO Frequently Asked Questions
EEO Policy
EEO Program Information and Contacts
EEO Information Flyer (tri-fold)

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Equal Opportunity Advisors (EOA) Military Only

USAG Ansbach12th Combat Aviation Brigade
Commercial: 0981-183-7733 | DSN: 468-7936Commercial: 09802-83-3091 | DSN: 467-3091
Hours: M-F 0900-1700, Closed Training & US HolidaysHours: M-F 0900-1700, Closed Training & US Holidays

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Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) (Managed by ACS)

Katterbach Kaserne
Systems Navigator Commercial: 09802-83-3632 | DSN: 467-3632
EFMP Manager Commercial: 09802-83-2516 | DSN: 467-2516
Hours: M-F 0800-1600 Closed US holidays
Hours: M & W 0800-1700, F 1130-1700, Closed Tu, Th and US holidays
Military OneSource EFMP/Specials Needs webpage

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Financial Services (Military and Civilian)

Military Finance OfficeCash Cage
Katterbach KaserneKatterbach Kaserne
Commercial: 09802-83-3318 | DSN: 467-3318Commercial: 09802-83-3339 | DSN: 467-3339
Hours: M-F 0830-1600 Closed US holidaysHours: M-F 0830-1600 Closed US holidays
For Military Only, Civilians contact CPACFor Soldiers, Civilian Employees, Retirees,
and Dependents with valid ID
Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) Barton Barracks
Appropriated FundsNon-Appropriated FundsLocal National
Commercial: 0981-183-7897
DSN: 468-7897
Commercial: 0981-183-7822
DSN: 468-7822
Commercial: 0981-183-7897
DSN: 468-7897
Fax Commercial: 0981-183-7841
DSN: 468-7841
Fax Commercial: 0981-183-7803
DSN: 468-7803
Hours: M-Th 0800-1500
F 1300-1500
Hours: M-Th 0800-1500
F 1300-1500
Hours: M-T-W&F 0900-1500
Th 1300-1500
Community Bank
Katterbach KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-95030 | DSN: 467-2122Commercial: 09841-8791 | DSN: 467-4540
Toll free in Europe: 0800-2265-3279 or 334-2702Toll free in Europe: 0800-2265-3729
Toll free in the US: 1-800-239-9427Information and current Exchange Rate: 09841-8708 | DSN: 467-4609
Hours: M-W & F 0900-1600, Th 1100-1800 Closed German holidays, open US holidaysHours: M-F 0900-1600 Closed German holidays, open US holidays
Email the Katterbach Community BankEmail the Storck Barracks Community Bank
Community Bank website
Service Credit Union
Katterbach Kaserne
Commercial: 09802-8680 | DSN: 467-2556
Hours: M-F 0900-1700 Closed US holidays, open German holidays
Email the Katterbach Service Credit Union
Service Credit Union website

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ID Cards, Passport Services and Defense Enrollment Eligibility Report System (DEERS)

Identification (ID) Cards
Katterbach Kaserne
Don't want to wait in line for a new ID Card? Make your appointment online at:
ID Card Section, Ansbach Germany Online Appointment Scheduler.
Commercial: 09802-83-3448 /3302 | DSN: 467-3448 /3302
Hours: M-F 0800-1200 & 1300-1600. The last customer before lunch will be seen at 1145
and the last customer for the day will be seen 15 minutes prior to closing.
milConnect. Go to milConnect to access information for DEERS and Health Care or to get information on your ID Card, Education Benefits, Military Transitions and other subjects. You must have a CAC or a Department of Defense Self-Service Logon (DS Logon) username and password to access this website.
Passport Office
Katterbach Kaserne
All applications must be filled out online at
Commercial: 09802-83-3456 | DSN: 467-3456
Hours M, Tu & Th 0800-1145 & 1300-1545, F 1300-1600, Wednesday by appointment only
Hours: M-F 0800-1200 & 1300-1600. The last customer before lunch will be seen at 1145
and the last customer for the day will be seen 15 minutes prior to closing.

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Bleidorn KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 0981-183-1740 | DSN: 468-1740Commercial: 09841-83-4675 | DSN: 467-4675
Hours: Tu-F 1100-2000, Sa-Su 1100—1800Hours: Tu-F 1000-1800, Su 1000-1700
Closed M & US holidaysClosed M, Sa & US holidays

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Lodging, Army

Ansbach Army Lodge, Brainard Hall, Urlas Kaserne
Front Desk is open 24 hours a day. Commercial: 09802-83-7014 | DSN: 467-7014
If calling from the US: 011-49-9802-83-7014
For room prices, a list of amenities, and other information please visit:
Ansbach MWR Army Lodge, Brainard Hall
For more lodging information visit the Department of Defense Lodging webpage

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Sponsorship & Relocation Assistance

Katterbach KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-83-2883 | DSN: 467-2883Commercial: 09841-83-4589 | DSN: 467-4589
Hours: M-Th 0800-1700, F 1130-1700Hours: M-Th 0800-1700, F 1130-1700
Sponsorship Checklist
Sponsorship Guide
Email ACS to find a sponsor or to ask a question about sponsorship

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Tax Relief Office (VAT Forms)

Urlas KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-83-1780 | DSN: 467-1780Commercial: 09841-83-4553 | DSN: 467-4553
Hours M-S 1000-1700, Closed US HolidaysHours: M-F 0800-1700, Closed US holidays
Valid ID Card holding personnel (Soldiers, Civilians, Family members) are not required to pay the Value Added Tax (VAT) on items purchased here in Germany. To save from paying VAT, you must purchase a VAT form from this office and present it at the time of purchase.

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Transportation (Household Goods and Vehicle Shipping)

Logistics Readiness Center-Ansbach (LRC-A), 405th AFSB
Main Office- Barton Barracks Hours: M-F 0800-1600Commercial: 0981-183-7705 | DSN: 468-7705
Quality Control Inspectors Hours: M-F 0800-1600Commercial: 09802-83-2478 | DSN: 467-2478
Non-Tactical Vehicle Dispatch Hours: M-F 0800-1600Commercial: 0981-183-1800 | DSN: 468-1800
Lead Inspector/Customs/Border Clearance Hours: M-F 0800-1600Commercial: 0162-272-6666
Inspector Hours: M-F 0800-1600Commercial: 0162-272-6609
Storck Barracks Inspector Hours: M-F 0800-1600Commercial: 09841-83-4796 /0162-272-6687 | DSN: 467-4796
Quality Control After HoursCommercial: 00-800-444-33444
405th AFSB, Base Support Operations Maintenance Division (BASOPS MD) webpage
Inbound and Outbound Household Goods (Managed by LRC-A, 405th AFSB)
Katterbach KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-83-3704 /3705 /3707 /3708
DSN: 467-3704 /3705 /3707 /3708
Commercial: 09841-83-4519 | DSN: 467-4519
Hours: M-Th 0800-1500, F 1300-1500Hours: M-Th 0800-1500, F 1200-1500
Vehicle (Privately Owned Vehicle (POV)) Shipping (Managed by LRC-A, 405th AFSB)
Barton Barracks
Commercial: 0981-183-7255 | DSN: 468-7255
Hours: M-F 0800-1600 Closed German & US holidays
Changes to POV Shipping come in effect May 1, 2014 Read More »
New POV tracking website: PCS my POV
Old POV tracking website: Where is my POV
This POV tracking website will go out of service when all vehicles in their possession are delivered

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United States Postal Service (USPS/Post Office)

Katterbach KaserneStorck Barracks
Commercial: 09802-83-2540 | DSN: 467-2540Commercial: 09841-83-4592 /4706
DSN: 467-4592 /4706
Hours: M-W & F 1000-1600, Th 1200-1800
Closed US holidays
Hours: M-F 1000-1800 Closed US holidays
There are two USPS offices in USAG Ansbach, one on Katterbach Kaserne and one on Storck Barracks. On Katterbach Kaserne the Community Mail Room (CMR) and USPS Office are separate. The CMR and USPS Office on Storck Barracks are combined and considered a Postal Service Center (PSC). There are no USPS Offices on Shipton Kaserne or Barton Barracks.

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Vehicle Inspection (Managed by LRC-A, 405th AFSB)

Barton BarracksStorck Barracks
Commercial: 0981-183-7892 | DSN: 468-7892Commercial: 0984-183-4597 | DSN: 467-4597
Bldg. 5262Bldg. 6541
Hours: M, T, Th & F from 7:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
and 12:30 to 3:15 p.m.
Closed Wednesdays & German & U.S. Holidays
Hours: Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. to noon and 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Closed M, T, Th, F & German & U.S. Holidays
This office is for getting your vehicle inspected
before you register or renew your registration.
To help your inspection go faster, fill out
the inspection form before you go.
AE Form 190-1H Vehicle Safety Inspection
Want to know what they look for during an inspection? Read Appendix C in AE Regulation 190-1 for inspection criteria.
AE Regulation Installation Traffic Code
405th AFSB, Base Support Operations Maintenance Division (BASOPS MD) webpage

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Women Infants and Children Program Overseas (WIC-O)

Bleidorn HousingStorck Barracks
Commercial: 0981-183-7739 | DSN: 468-7739Commercial: 09841-83-4601 | DSN: 467-4601
Fax- Commercial: 0981-183-7570 | DSN: 468-7570Hours: T-Th 0900-1500
Hours: M-F 0800-1200, 1230-1600

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