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The Ansbach Legal Assistance Office offers the following services:

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Family Law – Including custody issues, child support, marriage requirements, divorce/separation information. Immigration Law – Including dual citizenship information. Consumer Law – Including identity theft, debt collection, contracts. Real Property – Including landlord disputes, contracts, deeds. Military Administration – Including FLIPLs, reprimands, bars to reenlistment, NCOER/OER appeals, SCRA. Estate Planning – Including wills, POA, SGLI, trusts and elder law.

Wills – The average single Soldier with no property or children does not need a will. Nevertheless, if a Soldier has assets in excess of $20,000 (excluding a vehicle) then that Soldier may want to consider getting a will. Insurance benefits are separate from a will and go to whomever is designated as the beneficiary on your SGLI form. Wills are made on an appointment basis.

Power of Attorney – We prepare and notarize general and special powers of attorney. These are used to grant some power you possess to another person, such as the power to receive your household goods, or to get medical treatment for your child.

Notary Services – Signatures can be notarized for various legal documents including but not limited to: real estate transactions, bills of sale, etc. You must sign in the presence of the notary.

Translations – The Legal Assistance office does not offer translation services except for Schützen-Schnur Documents (Marksman Badges). We do however have a list of certified translators and interpreters in the Ansbach area.

Tax Assistance – The Tax Assistance Office is generally open from the end of January through April each year. The tax office provides assistance in preparing state and federal tax returns and offers free electronic filing. You can contact our Tax Assistance Office here.

Claims – The Claims Office can assist you with a variety of claims issues, including those arising from HHG and POV shipments. Remember that you have 70 days from the date of your HHG delivery to turn in your pink DD form 184R to the claims office. All claims must be filed within 2 years from the date of incident. Please go to our directory listing for Claims (HHG&POV).

Walk-ins are available for Power of Attorneys (POA) and Notary services. Please call to make an appointment with one of our attorneys for wills or other legal matters. We have a German attorney and an American attorney to assist you. Our American attorney can see clients at Storck Barracks by appointment.

Trial Defense Services –

Trial Defense Services (TDS) provides assistance to soldiers on adverse UCMJ actions relating to Article 15 counseling, courts-martial, chapters, etc. Soldiers who are found to be in conflict of interest by the Ansbach TDS attorney will be referred to another TDS location. Please go to our directory listing for Trial Defense Services.

Administrative Law –

The primary focus for Administrative Law is to interpret laws and regulations for the command and agencies on post. Commanders or agencies needing more information should contact 09802-83-3801 or DSN 467-3801.

Military Justice –

The primary focus for Military Justice or “Criminal Law” is to support and advise the commander. Commanders and first sergeants should ensure that a responsible NCO coordinates with the Military Justice section for adverse actions and UCMJ actions. Commanders should call 09802-83-2475 or DSN 467-2475.

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